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Over 45 years experience

Glyn Jones Auctions was formed with over 45 years of experience in the world of antiques and general sales.

We offer our customers a full, confidential, discreet and honest service at all times – whether you need to dispose of an Estate (however large or small), arrange a clearance, or if you are looking to sell/buy at one of our auctions. Whatever the reason you are visiting our website, we know it’s not just about the cost and service we offer – so we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about how the business started.

A message from our founder – Glyn Jones

In 1976 I started out on the road of antiques and collectors pieces, buying and selling at auctions on a weekly basis.

During this time in the 1970s to 1980s, stripping and polishing pine furniture and interior decorating was all the craze, and exceedingly popular with TV programmes – so I found myself very busy supplying the retail and trade market which was going on throughout the UK and Europe. Not long after that the market opened up to include America (due to the fact that they were a young country and adored their origins furniture) and I entered as it was known then, as the shipping market. Furniture started to leave the UK for around the global markets: America, Australia and New Zealand. I continued to supply furniture and collectibles to this market until around the late 1990s when this phase of the antique business then came to an end.

Colours and ideas changed in the furniture market which pushed me in a slightly different direction and I opened a small factory making pine furniture – supplying other independent retailers, as well as my own outlet. Additional to running my furniture factory I also operated a removals and storage company. Using the same equipment and vehicles, I was able to offer house clearance services which allowed dealings for all types of needs from the small cottage to, on occasion, the large estate move.

Subsequently, because I was my own boss I was able to give my time and service to the United Kingdom serving in the British Army as a TA solider which I enjoyed immensely, and I had the chance to serve our country on the peacekeeping tour of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This opportunity also allowed me to carry out some of my other interests including driving heavy vehicles and serving as a chef. It was a great way of life and the camaraderie courtesy, discipline and attention to detail stays with you for the rest of your days.

TV also began to change the way antiques were being seen and valued too. When I started out, the TV programme ‘Going for a Song’ with Arthur Negus, became popular and the long running show ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ (which is still running today!) also started to attract wider audiences.

A few more years passed by and I found myself in Peterborough working at an auction house. After ten and a half years I realised it was time once again to open my own auction house. I’ve always felt that there is a market out there to serve the public and business sector above and beyond with attention to detail and finesse – so Glyn Jones Auctions was finally launched in 2021.

Glyn Jones

What makes us different?

From the first point of contact every customer is listened to and valued throughout their enquiry – ensuring it will be conducted and carried out to your wishes.

Our customers always receive a professional, honest and regardful manner of approach including offering straight forward advice and a hassle free service. It doesn’t matter where you are in the UK we can offer our service up and down the Country, should you need an Estate totally cleared (house clearance). We will endeavour to sort out all your commodities and items into the right categories and place them in the correct auctions, from low value to high end fine art.

Should it be necessary we can pass on items to local charities on your behalf so other individuals can benefit from these items. We strive to reduce our impact on landfill as much as possible by doing our bit to keep the planet alive for the future generations. Should an item be indispensable to dispose at landfill through our in-house recycling, we do have an appropriate waste carrier license – the license information can be produced upon request. The pleasure we get from achieving the best for our customers as well as our planet, is a really important part of what we do.

Customers trust us because we are fully insured, with a waste license, and operate modern vehicles that carry all the necessary equipment to conduct the required task at hand.

After 45 years in this type of business, we really do pride ourselves in offering you a satisfactory and delightful auction experience, and property and effects clearance service (for both domestic or business properties that need clearing).

The Glyn Jones Auctions team hope that you will get in touch with us for a free no obligation quota by calling 01733 963031 or emailing us. We look forward to helping you.

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